Cambridge Physics for Cambridge IGCSE Coursebook

This print and digital coursebook has been developed from extensive research through lesson observations, interviews and work with our research community (the Cambridge Panel) to meet specific needs. Activities and questions develop students’ essential skills, including practical work. English as a second language learners are supported with command terms, accessible language and glossary definitions. Exam-style questions build student confidence. Projects provide opportunities for assessment for learning, cross-curricular learning and developing skills for life. There are multiple opportunities to engage in active learning, from scripting a podcast, to discussions and debates. 

Cambridge Primary Science

Discover our new resources for the Cambridge International Primary and Lower Secondary Curriculum Frameworks From discovering how plants are pollinated, to learning about gravity, Cambridge Primary Science gets your learners thinking like scientists!

Collins Primary Science

Spark scientific curiosity from a young age with this six-level course through an enquiry-based approach and active learning. Collins International Primary Science fully meets the requirements of the Cambridge Primary Science Curriculum Framework from 2020.

Collins Primary English

Collins International Primary English offers full coverage of the Cambridge Primary English curriculum framework (0058) from 2020 within a six-level, multi-component course, which has been carefully developed to meet the needs of teachers and students in the international market.

Cambridge Primary Maths

This title has been endorsed by Cambridge Assessment International Education Master the essential mathematical skills that underpin the new Cambridge Primary Mathematics curriculum framework (0096), with specifically sign-posted tasks and activities rooted in the mastery approach.

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Cambridge Primary Mathematics Learner's Book

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Cambridge Primary Science Learner's Book with Digital Access

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Collins International Primary Science Student Book

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Cambridge Primary Science Learner's Book with Digital Access

Get the New Cambridge Primary Science Learner’s Book with Digital Access

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Cambridge IGCSE Physics
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Nelson English Starter Level

Nelson English is a comprehensive English program designed for children aged 4-11, covering core literacy skills in one integrated course. Our program includes comprehension skills, vocabulary development, punctuation, spelling, grammar, and writing. With frequent opportunities for speaking and listening practice through pair work, class discussion, and group activities, Nelson English ensures your child gets a well-rounded education.

Why Choose Nelson English Starter Level?

Comprehensive Curriculum

Nelson English comprises seven levels, starting with the ‘Starter Level’, designed for use in the Reception/Foundation stage. The Starter Level resources are perfect for children in their first year of primary school or can be divided and used across two years prior. Tailor the approach to best suit the needs of your learners.

Engaging and Effective Workbooks

The Starter Level includes three workbooks: Workbook A, Workbook B, and Workbook C. Each workbook consists of 11 units, each unit providing at least one week of work. This flexible structure means you can spend more time on each unit if needed, ensuring every child masters the material before moving on.

Easy-to-Follow Teacher Guidance

Each unit is supported by the Starter Level Teacher’s Book, offering detailed lesson guidance to help you teach and embed key phonics skills. The teacher’s book also introduces new topic-based vocabulary and basic grammatical concepts, making it easier for educators to deliver effective lessons.

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